21 - 24 APRIL 2017


    Join escapee experts, Matt Trinetti & Mel Fisher, and others for 3 days of dreaming & planning at Tribewanted Monestevole


    Take some time off-line to consider your escape

    How are you doing?


    We often go so fast that we forget to really consider what we're escaping from and to.


    The weekend offers you a space where you can slow down and reconnect with what matters to you and map out your escape plan.



    Discuss what really matters

    What questions have we been avoiding?


    Monestevole is the place for big conversations, inspiration and clairty.


    Long walks, great coffee, cooking, animal feeding, hammock hangouts and play time.


    Get clarity on your next Escape Plan steps 

    Now what?


    Review your personal escape aspirations and daily habits to make them happen. Buddy up with an Escapee to keep each other accountable on progress.




  • 21 - 24 APRIL 2017


    We'll be escaping to Italy's newest eco-retreat

    Tribewanted: Monestevole, Umbria, 21 - 24 April


    30 minutes from Perugia airport high-up in the hills of Umbria, life at Monestevole with the local farmers and animals feels distant from the real world: creatively inspiring and dominated by food, nature and music.


    Warning: People come for a weekend and end up staying a lot longer.


    Great people, food, & nature. Zero PLC.

    A unique Escape gathering out of the city


    The mornings / afternoons are for - weather permitting - getting outdoors, going for a walk or simply hanging out. No pressure. We do a group session or workshop every day for a couple of hours.

    • Friday: Arrival for lunch. Benvenuti & Tour. Why am I escaping? Dinner.
    • Saturday: How do I escape? Activities. Hangout. 
    • Sunday: Escape Plan. Activities. Hangout. 
    • Monday: Breakfast & Departures to Perugia Airport.


    Stunning rustic accommodation, home-made meals, workshops & detox

    3 nights / 4 days


    €450 pp, to include:

    • 3 nights' shared accommodation
    • All Monestevole meals & house wine (Friday-Monday)
    • Escape workshops

    Getting to Monestevole: Ryan Air flies to Perugia daily.


    Fridays: LDN STD 07:30 - 10:55 PERUGIA

    Mondays: PERUGIA 10:50 - 12:20 LDN STD


    Limited places. Enquire & Book




    Escapee #1 It normally takes me a few days to unwind into a break, as I work at such a ferocious pace in a very high pressure job it’s difficult to switch it off. But within a couple of hours in Umbria my shoulders had dropped from their usual stressed-out hunch and I was happily swapping stories with my fellow escapees. I was almost skipping down the country lanes and I realised it was the release of being away from London and sharing my potential escape ideas with others.


    The food and hospitality throughout the entire trip was amazing. Mumblings from around the dinner table included: “this is the best pasta I’ve ever eaten in my life!”, and: “do you think the chef would marry me if I asked nicely?”. Don’t even get me started on the wine. I came away from the trip mentally a few pounds lighter and physically a few pounds heavier.


    Over a few days we went on a journey towards making our escape plans. I ended up drawing mine out as a picture – it’s cryptic enough to have on the inside door of my locker at work and I check in with it every few days. I’ve already met up with some of my fellow escapees following the trip. We plan to support each other as we put our plans into action and help ourselves maintain some of the focus we found in Umbria.


    Escapee #2 The weekend for me was really a catalyst to realising that I can leave this chunk of my life behind, that is making me unhappy. Funnily as a result, I’m not now sure that fitness is what is going to work for me, I hope it will in some way but being given the time to proactively think about my career rather than just day dream, has opened my mind up to the freedom of clearly thinking through my options.


    I found the exercise of flipping the negative aspects of what is holding me back, really liberating. The challenge will be to hold on to those alternative views as bills roll in!


    Monestevole is simply perfect. Even amidst the wind and rain, it was the most wonderful setting for our weekend. Again, it opened my eyes to possibility of throwing conventionality out the window and heading off to enjoy life. It made me question why we trudge on being unhappy stuck in the trappings of the life we’ve created.


    I don’t think that I will be making immediate changes to my life but I know that if I hadn’t come on this superb weekend, I wouldn’t have had the guts to actually break free.


    On a final note, I think one of the biggest bonuses of the weekend was the incredibly lovely people to share it with. We were all quite different in our own ways, but everyone I look forward to seeing again. There is an open offer to hold any reunion (or new escape meeting) at my house should the need arise!


    Escapee #3 The escape weekend was overwhelmingly positive from my point of view. In fact, it was possibly too successful because I've found it incredibly difficult to settle back into work since!


    Aside from being a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Umbrian countryside with a group of fantastic people and lots of amazing food, it has fundamentally shifted my point of view on how I view my future. Prior to the escape weekend, I couldn't stop thinking 'I hate my job: how do I escape?' whereas now my focus is 'I love my idea: how do I make it happen?' It's been a subtle but powerful shift from feeling trapped to wanting to achieve something that I feel passionately about.


    The entire experience of Tribewanted was brilliant - the location and accommodation are fantastic and the people couldn't be more welcoming. Being able to take part in the things that were happening such as the bamboo planting and pig feeding contributes to making it feel like a community that you are a part of rather than a place you are temporarily staying in. I have already recommended it to several other people and would have no hesitation about going back. 



    Escape the City Host

    Mel is currently working with Escape the City's global network of progressive 21st Century organisations, connecting them to the wider community. Through her experience in helping people transition into meaningful work, Mel will be on hand to offer advice and answer questions about finding your next exciting move, standing out from the crowd and building a career on your own terms. 


    Escape the City Host

    Matt is a former IBM consultant turned traveler, writer, entrepreneur, and now Education Director at Escape the City. In 2012 Matt took a 7-month sabbatical from his job to explore new career possibilities for himself, including writing, blogging and starting a publishing company. He joined Escape in 2014 to help launch the Escape School and has been building and leading the London-based Tribes programmes since. Matt writes on his website GiveLiveExplore.com and his TEDx talk “Say Yes To You Adventure” can be viewed here.


    Monestevole Host

    Filippo runs Tribewanted with Ben and has been leading the development of Monestevole where he lives. He likes to show-off his solar panels, horses, pigs and goats. 


    Pilates & miniature pets

    Marisella escaped a models life in NYC for the good life in Umbria. So she knows where you're coming from...


    Tribe Manager

    Helping you get to Monestevole and taking care of you when you're there, Adrienne mixes skilled hospitality with a love of dance, yoga & meditation.


    Join us in April 2017 for a long weekend of escapology.



    Did you know we're also building tribes in Bali, Papua New Guinea & Sierra Leone? 


    Come & live differently for a little while with us.